Pet Psychic Liz

A connection to your beloved pets, whether alive, in spirit or missing

How I work

When I receive a request and photograph from a client my first step is to make a good connection intuitively to the pet. This does take a little time. Then I ask some general questions about its life to ensure that the connection is confirmed before dealing with the specific requirements of the owner. A report is then emailed to the client so they can see what their pet has told me and any further issues discussed. And, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world as everything is completed via email.


To give you some examples of how I have helped pets and their owners, here are a few of the cases I have handled:-

One owner contacted me to say that their cat was at the vets after having been attacked. The cat was refusing all treatment and being aggressive. The vet was unable to treat the injury so the infection was becoming severe. I immediately contacted the cat, explained that he couldn’t go home until he started taking his treatment and that he must allow the vet to handle him and give him the necessary medicine. The next day he allowed the vet to pick him up, treat him and he went home a few days later. Sometimes animals just need to know what is happening and why!

In another case an owner was feeling guilty over her dog being put to sleep due to ill health. By communicating with the dog I could reassure her that the dog had been ready to pass to spirit (they always know when it is time to go), that he was with a family member in spirit and was very happy with everything that had been done to ease his suffering. He was able to send a message to his owner that alleviated the guilt and helped her move through her grief.