Pet Psychic Liz

A connection to your beloved pets, whether alive, in spirit or missing

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My email address is:

For a general enquiry or to ask a question just email me and I will reply as soon as I can.

If you wish to book a reading please send a photo of your pet, with its name and sex. Please also state whether your pet is alive, missing or in spirit as this enables me to ask the right questions. If you have a particular requirement then let me know that too. On receipt of your email I will reply and ask you to make the appropriate payment. When the payment is made I will connect to your pet and send you a report by email.

Refunds are ONLY payable if I fail to make a connection to your pet.

Please remember I cannot guarantee what your pet tells me, I cannot guarantee finding a missing pet and some behaviours cannot be changed in one session. I do guarantee that I will work with owners and pets to the best of my ability and try to find the answers needed.

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