Pet Psychic Liz

A connection to your beloved pets, whether alive, in spirit or missing

Client Feedback

Liz is a caring and talented lady, and will always use her unique talent to accurately help people who call on her.
Janet M, England

I met Liz a few years ago in Spain, recently my beautiful cat went missing, fearing the worst I decided to get in touch with Liz as I needed a clear communication and a trusted psychic to get in touch with him, she was spot on, he was not trapped just a bit disorientated, eventually she asked him to go home and within four days he returned Thank you so much for the work you do for our pets.
Paula, London

Loved my message from Grizzly, thanks so much.
Kim C, Kentucky

I think this is wonderful what you do, it helps with closure, bless you
Melodie W, Ohio

Thank you so much for connecting with my little girl. You were spot on. God Bless.
Rachel F, Virginia

In July 2012 I lost my little girl dog Izabella. It was a traumatic event and loss and so completely unexpected. I needed reassurance that she was happy and well cared for. An acquaintance recommended Liz as a pet psychc. I contacted Liz and sent her a picture of Izzy. She made contact and communicated with her, and Izzy told her she had to go cause her tummy hurt. She also explained a female loved one cares for Izzy. She described Izzy’s wiggly happy disposition to a T. Her reading was spot on with information she could not have known previously. I recommend Liz to anyone who lost a loved pet. She has a heart of gold and really helps in the healing process!
Janice P, Maine

My Maggie, my best friend of 15 years disappeared October 26th 2013. I was at my wits end trying to find her and what had happened to her so I turned to Liz. Thank you Liz for helping me find closure. What she told me about Maggie’s past she could never have known. I still use Liz when I am in need and will continue to do so. Thank you Liz, hugs from Pauline.
Pauline A, Oregon