Pet Psychic Liz

A connection to your beloved pets, whether alive, in spirit or missing

Meet Liz

About Me

My work with animals began when my beloved West Highland Terrier was diagnosed with diabetes. Being a dog that hated needles, the daily insulin injections were stressful, for both of us. I so wanted him to understand and stop struggling, that I enrolled on an animal communication course. I’m not sure what I really expected other than imagining that I would somehow become a dog whisperer and be able to tell him about his need for insulin. What I certainly didn’t expect is to be taught to make contact with an animal purely intuitively through a photograph! Through practice and further workshops I have learned to connect with pets that have passed away, to help with behavioural problems and to give owners some reassurance that decisions made for the pet have been understood and accepted.
All I need is a photograph of a pet, with its name and sex ( I like to be polite when addressing our furry friends), plus the details of how I can help. It may be a general reading on how your pet feels, a connection to a pet in spirit, or a particular question that needs an answer. I can help and have many happy owners on my books.

Animal Healing

Healing for your beloved pets is also available. As a Reiki Master I am a fully trained spiritual healer and can work hands-on with most animals, or send distant healing to anywhere in the world. If your pet is in need of healing energy then contact me so I can channel healing energy from spirit directly to your pet.