Pet Psychic Liz

A connection to your beloved pets, whether alive, in spirit or missing

Pet Psychic Services

Missing Pets

When a pet goes missing, it is a distressful time for the owners. Connecting to the pet may help it return.

Pets in Spirit

Grief over the loss of a pet can be overwhelming. Just to know they are safe in spirit enables closure.


All pets need rules and limits. Reinforcing these psychically can improve behaviour.


Check your pet’s feelings or health. Help them to understand changes in your life that affect them.


Sometimes it’s tough to know where to turn when your dog, cat, horse, or other friend–feathered or furry–isn’t feeling well, has passed away or is behaving badly. Or maybe you are planning changes to their home or living arrangements and you need them to understand and accept what will happen. That’s why I created Pet Psychic Liz – to give you a way of opening communications with your pet so you can understand how they are feeling. And all this can be done via an emailed photograph!

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